1958. First painting I remember, a sail boat on an old bed sheet, inspiration Picasso, 3½ years old.
1965. First Prize Sand Sculpture Competition, Port Sea, Victoria, Australia. Age 10.
1968. Art School, Photography, Graphic Art, Life Drawing, Film, Industrial Design, Social Science.
1968-72. Art school Exhibition.
1972. First Rotoscoped Art Film, 16mm.
1976. Dropped out of Art School.
1976-79. Back drop Artist, Adelaide, Australia.
1979. Character in Radio serial, ABC Drive Time Radio.
1980-81. Radio Announcer, Rock format 5MMM FM, Adelaide, Australia.
1980-81. Recorded Music Reviewer for Radio Magazine, Adelaide, Australia.
1981-83. Producer of Multi Language radio programs, FM Radio Adelaide, Australia.
1981-83. Presenter Jazz to Blues 5 EBI FM, Adelaide, Australia.
1982. Sub Editor and features writer, Sound & Video Magazine, Australia.
1983-85. Rock Jock at Outermetro 5 MU Radio South Australia.
1985. Drive Time Host, 8 HA, Alice Springs, Australia.
1985. Radio Station Celebrity Rock band, one gig, 5 encores of the only song we knew, "Wild Thing"
1986-89. Drive Time Host 4 RO, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.
1987. Teaches Communication technique. Adult further education program, Rockhampton, QLD, Australia
1989-91. Drive Time Host 4 GY, Sunshine Beach area, Queensland, Australia.
1991. Art Exhibition, ArtBase Studio, The Marina, Tewantin, QLD, Australia.
1991. Cultural Exchange Program, China, Choo De Shoo, ArtBase Studio,Tewantin, QLD, Australia.
1992. Youth Artz Alive, Performing and Visual Arts Festival, Artbase Studio, Tewantin, QLD, Australia.
1994. Group Art Exhibit, Sponda Cafe, The Insomniac Reunion, Hermosa Beach, California
1994. First Night Art Show, Hermosa Beach, California
1995. First Night, Art Performance, Hermosa Beach, California
1995. Founding Member (1 of 7) Hermosa Art Group. Put on Art walks & shows South Bay.
1995. Redondo Beach Summer Music Festival
1995-96. Group Art Exhibition, Desmond Gallery, Sunset Blvd, California.
1996. Summer Night Art Walk, Hermosa Beach, California.
1997. Summer Night Art Walk, Hermosa Beach, California.
1998. Judge Childrens Presidential Art Awards, Host, Womens Club of Hermosa Beach, California
1998. Guest Guitarist, "Wild Thing" New Years Gig, Petrellis Bar and Grill, Redondo Beach, California.
1999. Judge Childrens Presidential Art Awards, Host, Womens Club of Hermosa Beach, California
1999. Art Exhibition, San Pedro Art Association, California.
1999. First time a painting was taken off an Art Gallery wall. (censored ). San Pedro Art Association Invitation.
2003-2011. Art Director in the Sign Industry. Industrial design, Graphics, IT and Web design.
2001. Meeting with publicist, to arrange the Playboy article and exhibition at the Montreal Jazz Festival.
2001. Video Clip. Eagle Rider Rent A Harley
2002. Discovered, publicist didn't disappear, but was in a coma after being hit by a bus in NYC.
2002. Small Art Film about LA Artist Adam Wilensky.
2002-09. Art Director for Rich Harper Band.
2003. Video clip for web casting, Rich Harper Band .
2005. Writing, programming, design consulting.
2006. Develops A Current Affairs Cartoon, Blind Melon Head.
2007. Blind Melon Head, hits 3 million viewers on the net.
2007. Peregrine, sparks an independent interest.
2007. Advanced fractal building.
2007. 7 Blind Melon Head cartoons are cleared by Chinese censors. Baidu.com
2008. 3D modeling starts for Blind Melon Head.
2008. November, Blind Melon Head goes on vacation.
2009. Building 3D City, Pug City, "Where all the big Cheese Hangout".
2009. 26th July, anaphylactic shock. Reaction to poison in work environment causing Pulmonary Edema.
2009. September, published 'Peregrine, Random Pool Selection. Publisher submitted it to the Library of Congress.
2009. Ended 2D production of Blind Melon Head.
2011. After 18 years in Los Angeles, flies back to Australia to finish 3D modeling production 'Blind Melon Head'.
2012. Painted 'Just Landed'. Portrait of an Australian Cockatoo.
2013. Painted 'Another in the Music series'.